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Purchase Program!

Welcome to Toyota of Muskogee & Muskogee Federal Credit Union Employee purchase program. We are confident this will be a genuinely satisfying buying experience for you and the best deal on a Toyota you can find ANYWHERE!!!!

Automatic discounted pricing includes $400.00 over invoice on new Toyota vehicles, and $500 off retail internet price of all used Toyota vehicles. This offer has been approved for Muskogee Federal Credit Union employees. (NOTE: some vehicles may not be eligible for discount due to supply/demand situations or other considerations.)

How to take advantage of this program: Start searching Toyota's inventory of vehicles by clicking the New Inventory tab above. Select a model that is equipped with the features you desire and submit a price request. You may also submit a price request for models and features not found in inventory. You can select a specific model in the photo menu below, select your desired features and submit your price request. You must fill out all required fields(*)in the "Get Your Price Quote Now" section and then submit your price request by clicking "Get Your Price Quote" in order to receive the pricing discounts this program offers.

Once your price request has been submitted, our Sales team will process your information and verify that you are employed by Muskogee Federal Credit Union. Once approved as a qualified customer, we will prepare a quotation for your selected vehicle and deliver immediately. You are now ready to order your new Toyota!
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